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Gioulina Daskalopoulou was born in Athens and grew up in Chalkida. She studied at the Law School of Athens, where she graduated with honors and holds a 2 year postgraduate diploma in Civil Law. At the same time, she studied Law and Analytical Graphology since 2005 and she is a registered Expert. In the year 2016, after a partial scholarship, she continued her studies at the Athens University of Economics and Business with Diploma in Negotiations. Along with her studies she was studying at the Drama School of Rampa & at IEK AKMI with a specialty in theatre and cinema.

She worked as an actress in childhood  on central theatrical scenes, while she also participated in several television series such as “Absolutely Familiar”, “Shining” and others, even more in short films such as “Save me” and “45 squares” by Stratos Tzitzis etc.

 Furthermore, from an early age she experimented with various dance styles such as traditional, classical, contemporary, modern, Latin, etc. She was attracted from the very first moment by FLAMENCO, because she thinks she is the most expressive and dynamic dance and by ORIENTAL because it combines femininity, elegance and passion!

She is the trainer and Choreographer of the “Tsiganeiros” team, in collaboration with Vasilis Paiteris. At the same time she is a Cheerleader coach (recognized by the INTERNATIONAL - EUROPEAN & HELLENIC Federation), a choreographer in the A1 volleyball team - Heracles of Chalkida and the Greek Beach Volleyball Federation. She is also Coach and Choreographer of the Sun Angel’s professional cheerdance team and Fun Girls amateur team.

She has also attended countless seminars by the greater oriental teachers (Greeks and Foreigners) and she has participated in various Festivals of Oriental Dances, and is also the co-Organizer of the newly presented IGNIS Festival.

Finally she is a certified IDTA Teacher, as well as a certified yoga & pilates trainer. The summer of 2018 she has been the co-host in the summer TV show of STAR CENTRAL GREECE - Words of the Island.

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